Very often I see my clients stopping right at this expression when reading a book and then the question comes: what does that mean ? !
Learn the impersonal expression “il arrive que…” = it happens that.
Often in english it is more likely translated as sometimes, occasionally“. The event is most of the case rare.

Suivi du subjonctif.
il arrive que les trains soient en retard (sometimes, trains are late -but rarely)
il arrive qu’il ne réponde pas (sometimes, he doesn’t answer – but most of the time he does)
il arrive qu’on aille au resto le soir (occasionally, we  go out to the restaurant)
We can replace the QUE+ subjonctif  by an infinitif:
il arrive qu’on aille au resto –> il nous arrive d’aller au resto
il arrive qu’il ne réponde pas –> il lui arrive de ne pas répondre
Je suis en train de lire un livre (amusant) en ce moment “Français je vous Haime” de Stephen Clarke. Il y a un bon exemple: – il arrive aux Français d’avoir raison….

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